Want to Look Tone? Build Muscle!

Want to Look Tone? Build Muscle!


PAC Fitness Personal Trainer Molly talks about the importance of weight lifting…

I often hear women say in regards to weight lifting, “I don’t want to get big, I just want to “tone up” my body. I actually cringe a little when I hear “tone” used as a verb. You can’t tone what you don’t have. There’s no such way to tone a muscle. You either build it or you lose it!

Looking to get tone? Here’s the skinny (pun intended): LIFT! In order to build muscle and LOOK tone, you have to lift. Women don’t have nearly the amount of testosterone that males have, so it is virtually impossible to get big or bulky without taking steroids or eating a crazy amount of calories. Here are (among others) 3 things that WILL happen:

1. You will get stronger. This might seem pretty obvious, but I am a firm believer that physical strength is directly correlated to mental strength! When you set and achieve a fitness goal, you get physically and mentally stronger!

2. You change your metabolism! As women age, they naturally lose muscle mass. This causes your metabolism to slow down. When you do weight bearing exercises, you rev up your metabolism. You burn calories (not only as you are actually exercising but up to the next 48 hours as your body repairs the muscle)!

3. You can change the shape of your body. Think countless hours of cardio are the answer? If your goal is to lose weight, you may accomplish that with cardio. However, studies have shown that cardio alone burns most of those calories from muscle, not from fat. You may see numbers drop on the scale, but if you are seeking to sculpt your body and defy the effects of gravity, you need to lift heavy and lift often.

Want to learn how to build muscle (not tone-up) and turn your body into a fat-burning machine? Talk to a personal trainer who can assist you with proper technique and tempo and design a plan personalized to you. I guarantee, whatever your goals, weight lifting will help you get there!

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