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Jessica Jessica

Jessica is a farmer’s wife, a mother of 3 and a fitness fanatic! She grew up in Frisco and moved to Celina where she graduated in 1997. Jessica has participated in just about every sport available–from Cheerleading to Powerlifting, and earned several state gold medals and honors. She also ran track for a year at the University of North Texas. Jessica recently became an NPC Fitness Competitor and earned the West Texas Classic 1st Place Trophy.  She runs mud runs and 5k’s as often as she can and enjoys spending time with her family.Jessica is a Cooper Certified Personal Trainer, a certified circuit instructor, a Certified Insanity Instructor and Group X instructor. She has a passion for helping others in all walks of life and enjoys helping people find their inner champion!


Brandon enjoys creating specific training programs, classes and boot camps designed to increase speed, power, agility and reaction timing. Individual needs are addressed through stability, flexibility and strength programs to help achieve maximal results. Brandon can create an in-depth individualized exercise prescription for all men, women and athletes based around their present health, fitness and sports goals. You only get out what you’re willing to put in! Brandon is here to help maximize your potential and push you to new limits. He believes that anyone can enjoy exercise; you just have to be open to trying new things! With a personalized exercise program, Brandon can help you achieve your goals and a lifetime of health and wellness. Areas of Expertise include:
– Cross Conditioning
– Weightless
– Sports Specific Training (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf)
– Strength Training
– Speed Training


Darren is a Cooper Clinic Certified Personal Trainer. He is also TRX Suspension and TRX RIP Trainer Certified. Darren believes that fitness, like life, is a Marathon not a Sprint! It takes a personal investment of both time and dedication. There may be set backs and challenges along the way that seem impossible to overcome. Set realistic goals and check them off one by one. No matter what, believe in yourself. The hard work will pay off and the reward will be well worth it!


Merridith has been passionate about physical fitness since her early teen years, and feels blessed to have turned that passion into a career that she gets excited about on a daily basis. Helping people reach their goals, find strength they did not know they had, and, ultimately, feel GOOD about themselves is the greatest reward she can imagine. She has over twenty years experience changing lives through motivation, exercise and proper nutrition. Merridith is also a yoga instructor, and has been practicing yoga most of her life. She operated a yoga studio in Colorado prior to moving to Prosper with her three children in 2008. She has been with PAC since its grand opening and considers it her home away from home. Merridith’s certifications include: Cooper Institute – CPT, AAAI – CPT, Strength Conditioning & Weight Training, Yogafit, PiYo Strength and Pilates.


Alex has been part of the PAC Fitness family for about five years now and he’s ecstatic to now be part of the personal training team! Through his personal journey, he has been at a peak weight of 200 pounds. He shred 50 pounds in order to compete in a body building show! He’s also helped friends and family achieve their goals, and now has the privilege to pursue personal training as a career. Fitness is his passion and he would love to accompany you on your fitness journey.


Molly has been in the health and fitness industry for well over a decade and it is her passion to help people get fit! Her love of fitness began in her 20’s. Although she had always been active in her youth, it wasn’t until she started resistance training (as part of her physical therapy program to reduce headaches) that she saw the absolute necessity of exercise! Her headaches became non-existent as a result of proper strength training and stretching and she has been hooked ever since! She is a firm believer that you have to take care of yourself first–through exercise and eating clean– before you can take care of others. Molly has been sharing her love of group fitness (strength training, cardio, tread, cycle, circuit) for 10 years and has recently made the transition to personal trainer. She’s enjoying working one-on-one with clients to help them meet their fitness goals. Molly has her Personal Training Certification through Cooper Institute, she is ACE Group Fitness Certified and TRX certified. Molly resides in Prosper with her husband Brian and her three children.


Mike lives in Frisco with his wife and two daughters. He has 16 years of experience in the fitness industry and he’s ACT, ACE and NASM certified. He’s also worked as a golf instructor for the past 9 years and currently teaches golf lessons at Plantation Golf Club. Additionally, Mike has coached select soccer for 10 years and is now coaching with Dallas Rush FC. His areas of specialty include biochemistry, nutrition, MMA, speed, agility and core conditioning.


Kat is a wife and mother of two active, beautiful daughters. Although, she was fit as a child, she became overweight after marriage and having her two daughters. When her youngest was two, she knew she had to make a change. She wanted to be healthy and live a long life for her family, so she became very active in triathlons, cycling and running races. That’s where the love affair with fitness began. After the age of 40, she found resistance training and she hasn’t looked back. Kat is in the best shape of her life and has found a new passion in helping family and friends really learn what it means to be healthy and fit. She recently became a Cooper Institute-CPT and focuses on helping others be the best they can be by obtaining a new level of confidence and security.

“Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take toward reaching that goal!”

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