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Group Exercise Schedule

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Early Bird Boot Camp (fee based) The Jungle
Early Bird Boot Camp (fee based) The Jungle

8:30a Ultimate Conditioning Sara Zumba - Natty
Power Hour Kristen
Zumba Tata Psycho 60 The Jungle

8:30a Spin and Strength - Kristen
Burn The Jungle
Psycho 60
Boxing and Conditioning The Jungle Spin and Strength The Jungle

9:00a           Piyo - Laura                        
9:30a Legs and Abs The Jungle Piyo Melodie
Piyo Melodie Dance Conditioning Sarah


50/50 The Jungle Cardio Box

6:00p H.I.I.T Training The Jungle Down and Dirty The Jungle Burn The Jungle Down and Dirty The Jungle

6:30p Dance Conditioning Sarah Ultimate Conditioning - Hilda Zumba - Marsha



PAC Group Exercise Class Descriptions:

Cycle – This class brings the outdoor riding experience indoors. It incorporates authentic cycling drills with the driving music. You will climb hills, race and take on the flats. Indoor cycling will challenge you with technique drills and ride profiles used by competitive cyclists.

Muscle Blast – An athletic based strength/cardio combination class that incorporates strength training with cardio, designed to tone and tighten your muscles.

Yoga – A traditional yoga class consisting of poses that are aimed at increasing total body strength, flexibility and restoring range of motion in tight areas.

Zumba Fitness – Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning, feel it to the core fitness party.

Zumba Toning – Zumba rhythms in a fun and challenging interval format that utilizes light weights to add resistance and overall muscle conditioning.

50/50 – A full body strength workout that focuses on using low weight loads and high repetition movement combined with energizing cardio blocks to push fat burning into high gear. Expect to burn fat, gain strength, and quickly produce lean body muscle.

Ultimate Conditioning-A full body workout that includes a cardio workout with step/kickbox drills mixed with weights and ab work.

Power Hour– Using intense cardio and strength segments this class focuses on using major muscle groups, compound movements and high intensity intervals.

PiYo-This fun and challenging class is designed to build strength and gain flexibility. It provides the perfect fusion of core strength and power. It includes modifications so everyone can participate, yet offers progressions to challenge the more advanced.

Spin and Strength-Hybrid class including 40 minutes of low impact high intensity cycling drills followed by 20 minutes off of the bike to focus on strength and flexibility training.

Pilates Plus – Combines moves from classic mat Pilates, Floor, Barre and Gliding for a complete body workout that burns calories and develops lean muscle.

Strong – High intensity interval class that’s synced to specific music, which has been proven to be the number one motivator in fitness. It’s all about the music!


The Jungle Class Descriptions (Jungle Members Only)

No Fear – A 45-60 minute class that will teach you how to cross-train. Each class will provide a challenging workout while teaching you how to train differently each and every day. If you have interesting cross conditioning but are a little nervous, then this is the class for you. All levels welcome.

Down and Dirty – A 45 minute class for the Extremist. High repetition resistance training, full body movements, tons of super sets, with cardio conditioning. This is a class for people that want to push themselves to the limits. This is not a class for beginners, people with medical conditions, or for kids.

CombatX – (Strength-Endurance-Agility-Core) – Mirrors an actual fighters training regimen with multiple five minute high intensity rounds of punch, knee and kick combinations all of which utilize heavy bags and gloves. Combined with cross conditioning workout routines, CombatX promotes optimal physical fitness. Boxing gloves are provided, wraps are required.

Round and Round-A 20-30 minute full body training class that will have 4 to 6 different elements. Each person will do as many rounds as possible in 20-30 minutes. Geared towards competitive goal oriented participants. Every class will be intense and new.

Legs and ABS- 45 minutes to an hour workout focusing on Legs and ABS.

TRX Training- A total body resistance workout. All exercises focus on core strength while working other areas of your body too. And, we’ll throw in some cardio!

Burn – No weights ever. Intense conditioning class utilizing rowers, riding, running and ropes along with tabata, band and plyometric training. Straight up hard core conditioning.

Remember, our Kid’s Club provides free child care service for all members!

The Jungle!

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