Discover the Fastest Way to Burn Fat!

Discover the Fastest Way to Burn Fat!

The Fastest Way to Burn Body Fat = Interval Training

The first thing you need to know about burning body fat is that your metabolism slows down at a rate of 2% for every decade over 20 years of age. Caloric expenditure slows each year, which means you have to adjust your workouts accordingly and be more careful with the calories you consume as you get older. So how do you determine how many calories you should be consuming each day? Well, there is a simple calculation you can do to find your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Determining Your BMR

  1. Take your desired weight in pounds.
  2. Multiply desired weight by 11 for women or by 12 for men.
  3. Subtract 2% from that number for each decade over 20 years.
  4. Add 10% to that number.

This represents the calories you need to maintain your basic life functions or your minimum daily calorie need.

Keep in mind that we all have different daily activity levels. For example an hour of house work burns 180-200 calories, an hour of cycling burns about 650 calories, an hour of running burns 800+ calories, an hour of basketball 1,200+ calories, etc. Determine your daily physical activity level and add those calories to the above calculation to determine how many calories you can consume to maintain your desired weight.

Once you have determined your BMR and how many calories you burn each day with your physical activity included subtract 500.

For example, with physical activity my BMR is 3,600 calories, which means I can only consume 3,100 calories or less if I want to lose fat/weight.

Controlling calories and knowing our BMR is only one side of the equation. Now you need to determine how to burn the most calories and how to burn the fat calories. The answer is simple: Interval Training.

You need to challenge yourself during each workout. It’s critical to vary your intensity levels between 65% and 95% of your Target Heart Rate (THR) Zone during workouts. This approach will help you lose the most calories from fat.

Determining Your THR

  1. Subtract your age from 220.
  2. Take this number and multiply it by .65, .75 & .95.
  3. These numbers will give you the number of heart beats you should have per minute at 65%, 75% & 95%.
  4. Take each of these numbers and divide by six. This will give you your THR for a 10 second count.
  5. Measure your heart rate with your index finger and middle finger on your carotid artery (neck).

Below are 3 different examples of results a 150lb person would accomplish in a 30 minute bike ride or walk.

65% Intensity

Maintaining a THR of 65% for 30 minutes will equal about 82 calories burned with 41 calories coming from fat. This is an example of a person that does the exact same workout day-after-day but never looks any different. This workout is defined as Aerobic with Low-Intensity.

85% Intensity

Maintaining a THR of 85% for 30 minutes will equal about 157 calories burned with only 10 calories coming from fat. This is an example of a person we see in the gym that is sweating all over the equipment. This workout is defined as Exercise without Oxygen, Anaerobic and Medium Intensity.

High Intensity

Fluctuating your THR from 65% to 95% and back 65% for 30 minutes will equal about 173 calories burned and about 55 calories from fat. Training in this format allows you to use both energy systems for your workout, aerobic and anaerobic, and provides the most calorie burning effects. This workout is defined as High Intensity.

Interval training burns more calories and fat, and it increases motivation, endurance and metabolism.

There is one final thing to consider when you are exercising–use common sense! If you do the same physical activity every day, you will most likely perform a low-intensity workout and therefore you won’t reap the benefits of weight loss that you are looking for. If you stop seeing results, you will stop exercising and never accomplish your goal.

Determine your BMR and THR and train yourself in a high-intensity interval workout and you will maximize your results every time!

If you don’t feel that you have the knowledge, accountability or the motivation to push yourself through high-intensity interval workouts, you may want to consider working with one of our trainers. Our trainers will keep you within the 65%-95% window each and every workout, which means you will maximize your caloric expenditure every time you work out.

Now that we know the fastest way to lose body fat, all we need is the commitment and we will hit our desired body fat goal!

Group Exercise

NEW! Join us Monday evenings at 5:45 p.m. for Body Slam! This class combines cardio and strength training to elevate the heart rate and build muscle at the same time. We will use a combination of plyometrics, core strengthening techniques, weight training and athletic conditioning to promote muscle confusion. All levels welcome!

Coming in October–evening Yoga class! Mark your calendars for Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.

Spin 101 is Back!

Please join us on Saturday, September 24th at 7:00 a.m. for Spin 101. You’ll learn how to properly set-up your bike, the different exercises we do on a bike, how to ride to your own limit and much more! See the attached flyer for complete details.

Community News

The Cory Ausenbaugh Memorial 5K and 1-Mile Fun Run

We would love to see our PAC Fitness members at The Cory Ausenbaugh Memorial 5k and 1-Mile Fun Run on Saturday, October 15th in Prosper at Frontier Park. Click here for more details and to register.

Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

This year two of our members, Kim Woodard and Melissa Randall, will be participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. There are two ways you can help support their team. The first is to join the Save the Ta Ta’s Golf Tournament on October 17th at Gentle Creek Golf Club. Information regarding the golf tournament is attached to this email. The other way is by making a cash donation. They have both agreed to raise at least $2,300. You can make an online donation.

Zumba Party

It’s a Zumba party on Saturday, October 1st from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. at Prosper United Methodist Church. Come dance, have fun and support a local Scout with his Eagle Scout Project. All proceeds will be used to purchase landscaping materials for Prosper United Methodist Church. See the attached flyer for details.

At PAC Fitness we are committed to changing lives! Please let us know how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

John and all your friends at PAC Fitness

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